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Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision and checking rubber seal products are all qualified 30 batches

RegTime: 2016-8-9
China Quality News Network in the second quarter, the province of Liaoning Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision production of rubber seal products product quality supervision and spot checks of the total sample of 30 rubber seal products manufacturing enterprises produced 30 batches of products, the test, all qualified batches.

The supervision and inspection in accordance with HG / T 2579-2008 "ordinary hydraulic system with rubber O-ring material", HG / T 2021-1991 "high-temperature oil O - ring material", HG / T2181-2009 "resistance acid seal material ", HG / T 2811-1996" rotary shaft lip seals rubber "and other national standards and requirements, the product of hardness (Shore a), tensile strength, elongation at break, compression set, hot air aging resistance, liquid, brittle temperature, measurement, visual inspection and other projects have been tested.