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2016 Situation and Development Trend of automotive sealing strip

RegTime: 2016-8-24
China's automobile sealing strips situation and trends in the automotive sealing strip is one of the important parts of the car. Its main role is sealed, vibration and decoration. The presence of the seal can effectively prevent external wind and rain, dust and other harmful substances invade the interior, reducing the vibration in the car with the doors, windows and other parts produced by twisting to keep the car's ride comfort and cleanliness, and is sealed Zhuangpen site or the working environment for change, to extend the working life of car parts. With the advancement of technology, the development of the automotive industry, especially in the emerging new materials, environmental protection people in the car, comfort, safety, appearance and other aspects of the increasingly high demand for automotive sealing products are also constantly moves forward.

Shake seeking to increase market highly competitive industry with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, especially car production varieties and growing, as automotive sealing manufacturing automotive-related industries, the domestic rubber seal business after nearly 20 years forging ahead, through the introduction of several, joint ventures and technological innovation and other means of automotive sealing business is growing rapidly.

Design and development of automotive sealing of a late start, it is because over the years, China's automobile production mainly the introduction of models, seals enterprise main task is to support the existing models. Process development and production, without the need for product development and design. Currently. China's major automobile manufacturers around the rubber seal 19 located in the aviation, aerospace, automotive, chemical, transportation and township enterprise systems. With foreign investors, Taiwan, Hong Kong joint venture enterprise with nearly 11.

In recent years, the international automotive sealing companies are wholly-owned or joint ventures in China to set up factories. Such as the world-famous car manufacturers seal Metzeler Automotive Systems and SAIC joint venture set up Shanghai Ya seals Limited; US GE flash COR family company with the German company ORAF Ding EX joint reorganization, the establishment of GOX car company, and China's launch vehicles technology Research Institute jointly set up the Beijing Wanyuan DCR Theis sealing products Co., Ltd.; Japanese manufacturer of automotive sealing Nishikawa Group in the domestic owned company Haixi Chuan seal Ltd.; Toyoda Gosei of Japan and a joint venture in Tianjin Star Kinugawa rubber plastic Co., Ltd; and Korea bearing R & a Co., Ltd. exclusive investment commitments and auto parts (Taicang) Co., Ltd. and so on. With the further development of China's automobile industry, seals achieve synchronous development is not only strong demand OEMs, but also the most important means sealing strips of their own development.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2005 China's demand for automotive sealing strip has more than 2, O million meters, 2010 is expected to more than 368 million meters.

With advanced foreign manufacturers to enter the Chinese automotive sealing strip, automotive sealing industry presents new challenges, but also the increasingly fierce competition.

The automotive industry, especially automotive sealing strip seal performance sedan increasingly high, not only has excellent sealing and environmental isolation and to have comfort and aesthetics, safety and environmental performance requirements.

Two composite seal - from the dense foam rubber and sponge rubber composition, often within the dense gel comprising a metal matrix material in the axial direction; three composite seal - the two kinds of dense rubber (one of which is a light-colored) and gelatin sponge constitution usually within the dense gel comprising a metal skeleton and reinforcing fibers; four composite seal - Shen Ya seals company pioneered the development and production of materials constituting the composite consists of four rubber seal in the country, in cotton gum (bubble pipes) and surfaces coated with a thin protective layer of plastic, so as to further improve the service life of the seal.

Classification automotive sealing strip seal according to the installation site classification, including the engine cover seal (can be divided into front, side panels and rear), door seals, windshield seals (including front and rear), side windows seals, sunroof seals, door head and said seal, window guide groove seal, inner and outer bar (water cut), trunk seal, seal preventing noise, dust and bars.

According to the sealing characteristics of classification, it can be divided into general weather seal and seal. Among them, the weather seal with a hollow tube sponge foam, a better temperature and humidity function. Common weather seal has a door seal, trunk seal, engine cover strips. Common seals generally have a sealing strip around the windshield and corner window seal, inside and outside bars.

Press rubber composite structure be divided into categories: pure rubber seal - constituted by a single plastic types; a 2 India 7 10 (No) s household corpse T technology and marketing, "Automobile & Parts" velvet seal surface coating seals there fabric stickers seal.

Special Features Category: Some seals have electronic smart features such as pinch seals and other injuries.

The materials used and the current state of development, the vast majority of automotive sealing materials are EPDM rubber (E corpse OM). EPDM rubber from ethylene, propylene monomer was added a small amount of non-conjugated diene polymerization reel. Its characteristic structure in the main chain of the polymer molecule the unsaturated double bonds in the branched chain introduces an unsaturated double bond. Which has excellent weather resistance, heat resistance, ozone resistance, ultraviolet resistance and excellent processing properties and low compression set, the production of sealing material of choice. EpOM as the main raw materials are constantly updated and developed. It has excellent physical properties, and good workability of the new EpOM molecules can be controlled long chain branching, to make it better curing performance, and increase production speed and extrusion products.

Thermoplastic elastomer material (D corpse E), such as Ding pV, Ding corpse O, etc. is a material developed in recent years, and its structure is characterized by a plastic and rubber two-phase composition, to a certain extent on the characteristics of both plastic and rubber, in the process not curing, easier to achieve precise control sections of these materials not only has excellent engineering properties of elastomers, but also has excellent properties of the plastic, convenient processing, while the material under certain conditions can reuse, environmental pollution small.

Thus, much of the vehicle and sealing system designer's attention. But because of its poor elasticity, compression set is large, while the cavernous manufacturing technology is still not mature enough, and the price is higher, so the amount is very limited. Currently, some for the side windows and the glass run channel strip manufacturing. With the improvement of the small corpse E manufacturing technology and improve in the future, we will further expand the scope of application.

For auxiliary materials, mainly black, frame materials, reinforcing agents, plasticizers, and curing agents are constantly developing new products, used in automotive sealing production. Rubber chemicals are also moving toward efficient, energy-saving, low pollution and low toxicity direction. Automotive sealing industry is growing in the automotive industry in a big important part. With the continuous development of China's automobile industry, car industry rubber seal must be innovative, positive application of new materials, new technology, new equipment, and constantly develop new rubber seal products to meet the needs of different users.

I believe that through. Efforts and development in the automotive sealing industry, the seal industry will go to a international market, than the two international automotive sealing business.

Seal with the international automotive industry taking advantage of the more mature automotive sealing business compared to China's automobile industry has not yet formed a seal of economies of scale and low labor productivity, weak development capacity, technical quality gap is large. But with the rapid development of this industry, automotive sealing design, manufacture and standardization are rapidly developing. Environmental protection, modular, lightweight and most intelligent seal will be the future direction of development; synchronous design will be an important task of sealing strip facing enterprises;-line quality control and various t mistake proofing techniques will be further significant development; design development and production of high-quality t and low-cost automotive sealing systems become automotive sealing industry, aims and objectives.

Car decorative seal performance requirements increase. Door seal in addition to the functional requirements, but also requires artistic visualization through the outer part of the rubber Xiao fabric and other materials and finishes and interiors soft adaptation. Guide groove seal, the outer seal products to the hard skeleton, bright metal trim, under the direction of the composite body E, assembly dimension accuracy is further improved. In addition, the application of environmentally friendly, flame retardant, recyclable thermoplastic elastomers and other new materials will be vigorously promoted. Integrated, modular direction is one of automotive sealing industry, such as glass and a combination of production and supply seal.

Automotive sealing of the "Eleventh Five-Year" development of key projects including the promotion of small PV application of environmentally friendly materials, to solve the extrusion of foam the size of the control problems and technical problems injection foamed material; the promotion of alternative materials aluminum steel materials, Aluminium coatings solve the localization problem; focus on resolving material photoaging, sealants stability, surface coating localization issues.