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2016 National Summit on seal products Applied Technology Exhibition

RegTime: 2016-8-25
As China's most valuable trade show exhibitors, the international seal products important event in the world's most influential. By the Shanghai Exhibition Services Ltd. Hong Yan effort to build the 2016 Fourth China (Shanghai) International Fair seal products, the upcoming December 1, 2016 --3 grand held in Shanghai New International Expo Center!

    The exhibition received strong support from relevant government departments and industry associations, will have exhibitors from more than thirty countries and regions showcasing the latest products and sealing technology research and development, to discuss cutting-edge trends and market dynamics, carried out jointly corporate image display, trade talks, technological exchanges and other activities.

    Organizers success over the years with the advantages and resources of seal products in the international exhibition, this exhibition will be a strong market demand in China as the basis, to fight the influence of the Asia-Pacific region's top sealing products industry event! Show the original on the basis of greatly enhance the size, grade and influence.

    Organizing Committee has successfully published nearly 300 information network to promote the entry, covering topics related to the industry's major professional website; and the promotion of Baidu paid to promote the establishment of cooperation programs in a variety of media to do a lot of promotion exhibitions at home and abroad well-known, there are authoritative and professional magazines, the Internet, advertising and newspapers reported. Participate in the exhibition to promote media cooperation more 100. We invite professional buyers via telephone, SMS and fax correspondence, e-mail and other channels, the major exhibition site invitations and tickets for a total payment of 100,000. Buyers to provide free accommodation, free tickets, please contact 13564995418 Wang Chao

    Combined with years of accumulated, updated in real time comprehensive database audience, confirmed effective, decision-making power and influence of the more than 60,000 trade visitors will receive direct mail invitations; by hosting, and co-organizer invited international and domestic producers, agents, vendors and other relevant agencies to negotiate, ordering, visit. The use of "sealing products and applications development" to discuss, exchange of international application of technology to enhance the industry's overall competitiveness, promote and improve the application and manufacturing standards of seal products. Participants are expected to more than 18,000 professional visitors passengers.

    Hong Yan exhibition with leading position in the sealing product development, as well as extensive experience in international exhibition organizations, integrate resources sealing industry, the exhibition will be constructed as the industry's most professional, high-level exchange platform for the sealing industry to bring more grand year-end festival.