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Our seal industry standard disparities, needs improvement

RegTime: 2016-8-25
As a first seal manufacturing country, our producers Jiuzhan battlefield can be described as going through hardships, since 2008 accession to the WTO, the overseas frustrated, suffered enough, although a small achievement, but still can not get rid of "indigestion" "foreign non-rival" the embarrassing situation, and fatal problem in that our development model there drawbacks.
Contrast industry standards at home and abroad can be found there is a big gap between China and developed countries. Far as the standard seal material is concerned, the domestic product standards generally do not set specific material grades, only the chemical composition requirements specified mechanical performance levels required, compared to the individual American standards such as ASTM standard will be on concrete steel material specific requirements. Since there is no corresponding domestic steel grades, accurate docking with the international standards can not, therefore exports will bring difficulties.
China has been the seal of the enterprise's own position is not very clear, blind production, product support and cooperation between the butt and the lack of host companies. Although some domestic enterprises have gradually realized this, and the development of foreign seals standard new steel grades, but this is just a small step forward in the process of international standards to be in the industry to promote and improve.
It is understood that the vast majority of domestic enterprises seal products only in accordance with uniform standards production, does not care about their own products on the market can meet a host of products supporting the blind pursuit of its factory capacity, and thus seals become a "universal card" seal, but on the host application supporting mechanical stability have sent.
Specifically, first, the lack of comprehensive industry standards, and second, as the parts industry an important part of the seal industry and their own positioning is not accurate enough, in other words between the host enterprise and the fragmented nature of the long-term existence, unrelated pattern state. This is our seal industry has failed to break international barriers out of the world, the crux of the war heroes, we also lost the biggest obstacle to foreign brands.
Experts said that China's manufacturing enterprises need to seal the host networking companies, which can be one to one, one to many or even supporting production. Compared with foreign brand products, we are missing is the "specificity" and "dedication", I think to get our seal industry international campaign battlefield, you need to improve industry standards, with the host companies take help of alliance, coupled with its technology upgrading the quality to win the vast world of their own.